Oxycontin Pictures

OxyContin comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Here are a few guides on identifying OxyContin :

OxyContin is marked with an "OC" and the miligrams of the pill.

Lined up is a picture of the differant milligrams of OxyContin. Each size has a differant color.

Here is a guide of the color, sizes, and milligrams for OxyContin.
  • Drug Facts
  • In April 2002, the US Drug Enforcement Agency reported that OxyContin has been implicated as the direct cause of main contributing factor in 146 deaths and a likely contributor in an additional 318 deaths. Based on their findings, only nine of the reporte
  • The annual number of new users of pain relievers non medically has also been increasing since the mid-1980s when there were roughly 400,000 initiates. In 2000, there were an estimated 2.0 million.
  • OxyContin is a high potency pain reliever.
  • Once OxyContin enters the body; it works by stimulating certain opioid receptors that are located throughout the central nervous system, in the brain and along the spinal cord.
  • In recent months, there have been numerous reports of OxyContin diversion and abuse in several states.