Canadian Drug Dealers Allowed to Sell In USA.

Dealers celebrate with a world record attempt for the longest line of coke ever snorted.

Washington DC - A federal judge on Monday struck down a state law that makes it illegal for Canadians to sell street drugs in "da hood". Old laws made it possible to fix the price of drugs such as cocaine, crack, crystal meth and ecstasy.

Judge Frank Goldcock says "why should Black and Latino gangs in American urban areas be allowed to have a strangle hold on the lucrative American street drug market."

Liberalizing drug dealer imports would lower the price of drugs sold to Americans across the country. Although America has only four percent of the world's population, they buy 99.9% of the illegal drugs sold in the world.

  • Drug Facts
  • The DEA says it's only a matter of time before every community in this Country is confronted with the problem of OxyContin abuse.
  • An added abuse of prescription oxycodone is passed on to chronic pain sufferers who have experienced marked relief from the drug. As a consequence of extremely tight controls in some areas physicians have hesitated prescribing it to patients.
  • No prescription drug in the last 20 years has been so widely abused after it is release as OxyContin.
  • Reliable strength, potential prescription cost coverage, and significant profit potential make OxyContin attractive to both illicit distributors and abusers.
  • A plaintiffs group in Washington, D.C., has filed a $5.2 billion lawsuit against Purdue Pharma LP and Abbott Laboratories Inc. charging the drug companies with allegedly failing to warn patients the painkiller OxyContin is dangerously addictive.