Methadone was used in treatments and replaced the heroin. In spite of the fact it is a very powerful drug, methadone is nowadays given by family doctors who seem to be unaware of the serious risks it may include. They prescribe the drug for throbbing backs, joint injuries and other severe pains.

Methadone is a form of opium but is cheaper and longer lasting. The drug is a powerful painkiller and despite its curing of millions of people it has also increased the death rate because of the overdoses or the combination with other drugs.

Researchers have shown that methadone causes death twice than the heroin and itâ''s even more popular than painkillers like OxyCodin or Vicodin. A high dosage remained in the FDA approved package insert until 2006. The FDA had adjusted the package and is now organizing classes to teach doctors how to prescribe the narcotics.

Many death cases have shown that methadone is mixed with other sedatives that increase the risks of strokes and finally death. Between 1999 and 2005 deaths caused by methadone overdoses increased up to 4,462. Officials say that this happened because usually doctors donâ''t announce the risks of overdoses.

From 1998 to 2006, the number of methadone prescriptions increased with 700% as doctors consider that this drug is cheaper than other powerful and controversial painkillers like OxyCodin.

The federal government will teach the doctors how to prescribe the methadone and will also oblige them to screen patients for addictive behavior.
  • Drug Facts
  • OxyContin is one of a list of products in the oxycodone category that are now being abused as substitutes for heroin.
  • OxyContin is highly addictive and gives a heroin-like rush which is released when pills are crushed or chewed.
  • In recent months, there have been numerous reports of OxyContin diversion and abuse in several states.
  • OxyContin has no limit to its effectiveness. Other analgesics, like aspirin or acetaminophen, have a threshold to their effectiveness.
  • OxyContin is a high potency pain reliever.