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A two-month investigation led to the arrest of five people on drug possession and distribution charges last week, Red Bank,New Jersey police say.

Five adults ranging in age from 21 to 43 were arrested last Thursday after a search of the house at 176-178 Drs. James Parker Boulevard turned up slightly less than two bricks, or $1,000 street value, of heroin, $1,200 worth of cocaine and about $225 worth of marijuana, the police said in a news release.

Capt. Steve McCarthy, head of the detective bureau, tells redbankgreen that police are looking into a possible gang connection, based on the fact that the same address was targeted in a June 2006 raid by federal immigration authorities.

Among the 19 suspected undocumented aliens arrested in that sweep were two residents of the house, both of whom had connections to the Sur 13 gang, McCarthy said. One of the five arrested last week has a familial relationship to one of the 2006 arrestees, he added.

"So we're looking into that possibility," McCarthy said.

The house is immediately adjacent to the pocket park at Parker Boulevard and Shrewsbury Avenue. Monmouth County,New Jersey property records indicate it is owned by Carolyn Eyerman of Shrewsbury,New Jersey.

Arrested were borough residents Joel Mejia-Sarabia, 39; Palemon Mejia-Sarabia, 43; Teofilo Perez-Mejia, 31; Fidel Mejia-Perez, 33; and Gabriel Mejia-Fera, 21. Joel and Palemon are brothers, and all the suspects are related in one way or another, according to McCarthy.

Each was charged with two counts of drug possession; possession with intent to distribute; and possession within 1,000 feet of a school zone. Red Bank,New Jersey Municipal Judge William Himelman set bail at $115,000.00 for each. All are being held at the Monmouth County,New Jersey Correctional Facility, according to the announcement.

The case was conducted by Investigator Juan Sardo and members of the department's detective division, with assistance from the Monmouth County,New Jersey Prosecutorâ''s Gang Task Force and the FBI's Jersey Shore Gang Task Force.
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