Wyoming Sheriff's office reports 2-month-old baby is receiving medical attention

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. (AP) _ The Kitsap County sheriff's office reports that a 2-month-old baby girl who was the center of a four-day national Ambert Alert is receiving medical attention in Wyoming.

Serenity Withrow and her mother ... 32-year-old Rebecca Forrester ... were found Saturday night in a Cheyenne, Wyoming, grocery store parking lot by a FBI agent and Cheyenne,Wyoming police.

Kitsap County,Wyoming deputy Scott wilson says Forrester is being held in the Laramie County Jail andwill be brought back to Washington state. He says the baby will be turned over to the Wyoming Department of Family Service after she is released by doctors.

Authorities believe the baby was born at a private residence and may never have been to a doctor.

Last Wednesday, Forrester was ordered by a Kitsap County judge to turn the child over to Child Protective Services because she failed a test for methamphetamine use. She was last seen in Washington state last Wednesday in Poulsbo. Authorities believe Forrester she kidnapped the child. A nationwide Ambert Alert then was issued.
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